With Maio Unlimited Upholstery you receive quality work and quality materials. We provide you with photographs taken during the upholstery process so you can see you are getting what you paid for.

Estimates are based on:

  • $10 per yard up charge, plus extra yardage based on the repeat, for matching patterns.
  • $100 for 8-way hand tied chair back springs.
  • $150 for 8-way hand tied sofa back springs.
  • $150 for 8-way tied chair seat springs.
  • $200 for 8-way tied sofa seat springs.
  • $10 per yard upcharge using your materials.
  • Extra charge per situation for: skirt, working with leather, button tufting, and channeling.

Quality work? You bet. Randy Maio has been an Upholstery Instructor at Milwaukee Area Technical College since 1974.

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